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Transportation from Portland to the Columbia Gorge



  • Biketown - City of Portland's official bike share with stations covering metro Portland and adaptive bikes for those with disabilities.

biking around Portland

  • Bikabout.com has a travel guide to help you wander Portland by bike with rentals, tours, bike friendly hotels, airbnbs, locally curated itineraries and logistics like etiquette, security and safety info.

Biking from Portland to the Oregon Columbia Gorge

  • WARNING - Due to the Eagle Creek Fire of 2017, the Historic Columbia River Highway is closed for a major section of this bike route, Bridal Veil to Cascade Locks and , and the only alternative is biking on the Interstate. If riding next to 75 mph semi trucks is your idea of fun, proceed with extreme caution. From Cascade Locks to Hood River, you get a mixture of shoulder riding on side roads, dedicated bike trail, but again, most of the route is on Interstate-84. Map of Historic Columbia River Highway closures.

  • East Multnomah County Cycling Hub - information for biking from Portland east to Gresham.

  • Alternatively, the Columbia Gorge Express, can accommodate 3 bikes on board, and CAT can accommodate 2 (both listed below). Bike route to Portland's Gateway Transit Center.

biking from portland to Vista house, latourell falls and Bridal veil falls

  • 28 mile one-way bike route: you'll ride on lots of great city streets and then shoulder ride on the rural roads to the Historic Columbia River Highway to Vista and the Falls. Expect sweeping views, a pretty steady hill to climb to Vista and sharing the road with mostly slow, touristy traffic.

Biking from Portland to the BRIDGE OF THE gODS (WASHINGTON)

  • 50 mile one-way bike route: This ride is for the avid, fearless cyclist, as you will be sharing the shoulder with fast moving cars. Semis are less frequent on the weekends.


Transit, bus & Shuttles

With most of these providers real-time schedule information can be accessed with Google Maps transit directions. Simply enter your origin, destination and travel date & time, and it will give you options and directions.

  • Columbia Gorge Express - offering daily service from Portland's Gateway Transit Center to Rooster Rock State Park, Multnomah Falls, Cascade Locks and Hood River.

  • Cordilleran Tours - offers a shuttle to Latourell or Beacon Rock with capacity to carry bikes.

  • C-TRAN - Monday-Friday, take the #164 express bus from SW 6th & Salmon in Portland to Fisher's Landing Transit Center (mornings and afternoons only). Seven days a week, take the #65 (Portland Parkrose/Sumner to Fisher's Landing) and connect to #92 from (Fisher's Landing to Washougal and Steigerwald National Wildlife Refuge). From Fisher's Landing, you can connect to WET bus (July 7-Sept 2) to Washington cities of the Columbia Gorge.

  • Tri-Met - bike friendly transit service with light rail and bus service connecting metro Portland.

  • Greyhound Bus - service from Portland to Hood River and The Dalles. Bus does not allow bikes.



  • Amtrak - Empire Builder service from Portland's Union Station to Bingen, WA. From, Bingen, you can call Hood River taxi or walk to the Hood River bridge and hitch a ride (socially acceptable). Although bikes are allowed on board, there is no bike service to Bingen. However, folding bikes are accommodated to this station.


TAXi & car rentals

  • Lyft - one way only from Portland to the Gorge

  • Uber - one way only from Portland to the Gorge

  • Hood River Taxi - on-call taxi for in trips or pre-scheduled rides to and from Portland Airport

  • Enterprise Rentals - rent a one-way or round-trip car from any Portland office to Hood River.

Portland Airport PDX

Photo credit: Elly Blue

Photo credit: Elly Blue


Tri-met has a station right at the airport outside baggage claim and will take you downtown in 45 minutes and cost $2.50. Use Google maps for directions and select "transit" for real-time train and bus info.


This airport is quickly becoming known as one of the most bike friendly places to fly in or out in America. Just the fact that they have a bike info page for how to bike there, bike assembly and Tri-met connections is a big deal.


Bridge of the Gods Shuttle provides shuttle service for up to 7 people between Gorge destinations and PDX.

Union Station - Amtrak


There are a few Tri-met options outside the station. Use Google maps for the best directions and real-time train and bus info.


You can walk from the station to most places in downtown Portland.


The station is in a bike friendly spot in downtown Portland. Amtrak lines that allow bikes:

  • Cascades - $5 reservation required.

  • Coast Starlight - $20 reservation required.

  • Empire Builder - $25 reservation required. ONLY folding bikes allowed if you're getting off at Bingen, WA station in the Columbia Gorge.


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