Trip Planning

Use this page to get inspired by the cities of the Columbia River Gorge and the find the resources you need to visit without a car. 

Cascade Locks

When the mountains of the Columbia River Gorge rise above you and the waterfalls tumble silver from the heights, when the river reaches to beyond, a wondrous thing happens. You breathe easier. Your heart lets loose. You come home to yourself.


Hood River

I sway, framed in the rear door, rails gleaming gold as the sun sets at the mouth of the Columbia River.
These tracks press up to rocks on the north. Mt. Hood bows out south, elder in glory glow.

- Tricia Knoll


I think perfect dates involve walking a lot, and not a bunch of driving around in cars. Ideally, you can walk together and go to a restaurant, and then walk from there to another nice place - this is, I guess, because of really great dates that I've had with my wife here in Portland. 

- James Mercer

The Dalles

The river was a supermarket, highway, and defense barrier. It was the center of a seasonal journey through fishing and gathering grounds that included netting and spearing salmon; gathering wild carrots, camas bulbs, and berries; and hunting deer and elk. Salmon shaped Native labor practices, and its significance was woven into language, ceremony, and story.

-Katrine Barber